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A Georgia man was executed Wednesday for a 1994 murder after courts denied appeals involving pleas for new DNA testing and a witness’s claim that a different man confessed.Ray Jefferson Cromartie, 52, was convicted of malice murder in the death of convenience store clerk Richard Slysz. The shooting happened while Cromartie and another man tried […]

A visiting judge will determine at a hearing Friday whether the judge who held Dallas County District Attorney John Creuzot in contempt during Amber Guyger’s murder trial will oversee the case against the DA. Creuzot is asking for state District Judge Tammy Kemp, who held the district attorney in contempt, to be removed from the […]

A Popeyes customer in New York says he found a roach in his chicken sandwich. No, not the kind you’re thinking about. The other kind. In an interview with the New York Post, Merdinger said he picked up two sandwiches—a regular and a spicy—from the Popeyes on 14th Street in New York City last Monday (Nov. 4) to take back […]

HACKENSACK, New Jersey (WABC) — One of hip-hop’s pioneers has been released from jail in New Jersey after spending two weeks behind bars on a 17-year-old warrant. Eric B., whose real name is Eric Barrier, was arrested last month on a warrant stemming from an incident in 2001. The rapper turned actor was part of […]

Mina Chang, a senior official within the State Department, exaggerated her background on her résumé, including a fake cover of Time magazine with her face on it, NBC News reported on Tuesday.  Chang currently serves as the deputy assistant secretary in the State Department’s Bureau of Conflict and Stability Operations, where her main job duties revolve around preventing conflicts from escalating in […]

In Trump’s America, bigots are continuing to test the racist waters in public, and one Walmart customer reportedly thought they could unleash their fury on one unsuspecting Black person. But little did they know that this Black person was iconic rapper Trina.  Self-described as “The Baddest B*tch,” Trina made a name for herself as one of Miami’s […]

A small-town Oklahoma policeman was charged with killing his chief after what authorities described as an alcohol-fueled brawl in a Florida Panhandle hotel room. The two men had been staying at the Hilton on Pensacola Beach over the weekend for a law enforcement conference, said Escambia County Sheriff’s spokeswoman Amber Southard. At some point early […]

In a failed attempt to gain sympathizers for her white fragility antics, a white woman who called police on a Black graduate student for napping last year is crying foul after law enforcement denied her request to share footage of the incident.  On May 7, 2018, Sarah Braasch, a Yale doctoral student, reportedly took issue with fellow […]

Summer Kriegshauser is one of 150 students in the inaugural class of the University of Maryland, Baltimore’s Master of Science in Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutics, the first graduate program of its type in the country. This will be Kriegshauser’s second master’s degree and she hopes it will offer her a chance to change careers. “I […]

St. Louis police are being pummeled — by their own officers. Randy Hays, 32, as well as two other cops pleaded guilty to charges stemming from an attack on their colleague Luther Hall, the St. Louis Post Dispatch reported. Hall had been working undercover during a night of anti-police protests in the city in 2017. The […]

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