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Original post by CNN Reclusive, nocturnal, numerous – bats are a possible source of the coronavirus. Yet some scientists concur they are not to blame for the transfer of the disease that’s changing daily life – humans are.

Original Post by NY Times Two years ago, James Harris Jackson, a white Army veteran, fatally stabbed a man on a dark New York City street solely because he was black. “The racial World War starts today,” Mr. Jackson wrote in a manifesto that included an emblazoned swastika and a Crusader’s Cross. “This political terrorist […]

Original Post by HuffPost The manager allowed a white customer to request a server who wasn’t “colored,” a witness said. A manager of an Olive Garden restaurant in Indiana no longer works for the chain after agreeing to a white customer’s demand to be served by a non-Black employee, according to people familiar with the […]

Please join the Nuvision Radio Network in celebrating Teena Marie’s musical legacy and revisit audio & video highlights from her career below! Born: March 5, 1956Died: December 26, 2010 Biography: No white artist sang R&B more convincingly than Teena Marie, whose big, robust vocals were so black-sounding that when she was starting out, some listeners […]

“We made the decision to separate with the manager involved,” an Olive Garden spokeswoman said of the incident at an Indiana location. A customer at an Olive Garden restaurant in Indiana on Saturday loudly demanded a server who is not black, an employee and an observer said. A manager acquiesced, and is no longer employed […]

Original Post by CBS 58 Molson Coors is addressing social media rumors about what may have led a 51-year-old Milwaukee man to shoot and kill five of his coworkers.  A spokesperson for the company said their focus right now is on helping employees and healing, and part of that is looking at workplace culture. “People […]

Original Post by CNN All Spike Lee wants is to use the employee entrance at Madison Square Garden. Really, it’s all he knows.A long time New York Knicks superfan, filmmaker Lee has been using it for 28 years, he explained this morning on ESPN. But suddenly, at last night’s game, they wouldn’t let him — […]

Original Post by CNN Days after an Atlanta prosecutor said he would consider opening a formal investigation into James Brown’s death, Brown’s longtime attorney said he would have no objection if authorities wanted to examine the singer’s remains.”Exhume him,” Buddy Dallas said in a phone interview on February 24, his first comments to CNN since […]

Original Post by CNN The iconic rap group Public Enemy had an internal struggle over the weekend that ended with founding member Flavor Fav being fired.”Public Enemy and Public Enemy Radio will be moving forward without Flavor Flav,” Public Enemy said in a brief statement Sunday, according to Rolling Stone. “We thank him for his years […]

Original post by CNN A group of churchgoers Sunday turned their backs to former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg as he addressed the historic Brown Chapel AME Church in Selma, Alabama.A group of at least nine people took part in the protest as Bloomberg spoke during a 55th commemoration of “Bloody Sunday” — a historic civil rights march in 1965 […]

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