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CAMILA DOMONOSKE, NPR Over the last few months, cities have had to deal with tremendous challenges — fighting a pandemic, preserving essential services, protecting their own workers, coping with devastating budget cuts. One thing local officials didn’t have to worry about was traffic, as the pandemic emptied city streets. But that’s about to change. Many city dwellers, trying […]

Covid-19 overwhelmed a whole generation. Their families want answers.Why US has most reported COVID-19 cases in the world Three people were shot Wednesday night in a popular and prominent shopping complex near Phoenix and the shooter was in custody, according to police in suburban Glendale. Police responded to the Westgate Entertainment District around 7:25 p.m. after […]

ABIGAIL CENSKY, NPR A protest in Lansing, Mich., against stay-at-home orders focused on what has become a rallying cry for such demonstrations — haircuts. The Capitol lawn was turned into a barber shop. At least a dozen barbers and stylists, highlighting the damage to their shuttered businesses, set up card tables and generators to power […]

HANNAH HAGEMANN In March, as states around the country began implementing stay-at-home orders and commuters got off the road, traffic dropped, but a new National Safety Council report finds that the number of motor vehicle fatalities per miles driven increased by 14% compared to the March 2019 rate. The total number of motor-vehicle-related deaths dropped by 8% […]

Jason Slotkin, NPR New York City says its poison control center received a higher-than-normal number of calls in the day after President Trump speculated that injecting household disinfectants could be a coronavirus treatment. The city’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene said that in an 18-hour period ending at 3 p.m. Friday, the poison control […]

Michael R. Gordon, Gordon Lubold The Wall Street Journal President Trump issued a symbolic joint statement Saturday with Russian President Vladimir Putin, in a move that has stirred debate within the Trump administration and spawned concern among some lawmakers on Capitol Hill, according to people familiar with the document. The unusual declaration is intended to […]

 Michael Hirtzer and Tatiana Freitas Bloomberg News Plant shutdowns are leaving the U.S. dangerously close to meat shortages as coronavirus outbreaks spread to suppliers across the nation and the Americas. Almost a third of U.S. pork capacity is down, the first big poultry plants closed on Friday and experts are warning that domestic shortages are […]

Heidi Glenn, NPR Researchers suspect that the coronavirus is hitting men and women differently. Worldwide, men appear more likely to suffer more severely or die from COVID-19 than women. But experts don’t know why. At Johns Hopkins University, researchers have begun to wonder whether biological factors — like women’s immune systems producing a stronger response than those of men […]

Vanessa Romo, NPR Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp is undeterred by President Trump’s criticism of his move to reopen some nonessential businesses. He insists he will forge ahead with plans to jump-start the economy as early as Friday. The governor said on Wednesday night that he plans to restart “shuttered businesses for limited operations” ahead of […]

LEIGH PATERSON, NPR As Americans flock to gun stores in the face of coronavirus fears, many gun dealers report an influx of new customers, taking home a deadly weapon for the first time. In response, long-time gun owners from across the U.S. are stepping up to help these newcomers get some safety training in the age […]

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