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Greg Stohr Trump this week moved to fill the only two open federal appeals court slots, nominating a pair of outspoken conservatives and drawing new protests from liberal groups. The latest is Justin Walker, whom Trump said Friday he would nominate for a seat on the powerful U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of […]

Nina Totenberg The U.S. Supreme Court has once again postponed oral arguments scheduled for this spring, but this time the court seemed to hint it might not hear arguments in most cases until next term. Following postponement of arguments scheduled for the last two weeks of March, the court on Friday announced that it would […]

Scott Neuman The Trump administration and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced early Wednesday that the White House and Senate had reached a deal for an unprecedented $2 trillion spending package aimed at propping up individuals, businesses and the nation’s health care system amid the onslaught of the coronavirus pandemic. White House legislative affairs director […]

CLAUDIA GRISALES , SUSAN DAVIS , KELSEY SNELL President Trump signed the latest coronavirus aid package into law Wednesday evening. The Senate approved the new round of emergency funding earlier Wednesday. The economic relief bill marks the second such aid package in a matter of weeks. The legislation passed Wednesday provides paid sick and family […]

Original Post by CNN The iconic rap group Public Enemy had an internal struggle over the weekend that ended with founding member Flavor Fav being fired.”Public Enemy and Public Enemy Radio will be moving forward without Flavor Flav,” Public Enemy said in a brief statement Sunday, according to Rolling Stone. “We thank him for his years […]

Original post by CNN A group of churchgoers Sunday turned their backs to former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg as he addressed the historic Brown Chapel AME Church in Selma, Alabama.A group of at least nine people took part in the protest as Bloomberg spoke during a 55th commemoration of “Bloody Sunday” — a historic civil rights march in 1965 […]

Original Post by Business Insider President Barack Obama hasn’t leveraged the full force of federal agencies to target systemic and historical inequities that keep blacks in the U.S. behind whites in employment, opportunity and wealth, the Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. said. The veteran civil rights activist criticized the president this week amid a nationwide campaign to […]

Original Post by Face 2 Face Africa Former New York City mayor, Mike Bloomberg has acknowledged the challenges that stem from systemic and institutional structures hindering the welfare of America’s black people. In a pitch to African-Americans in Tulsa, Oklahoma in late January, the billionaire and White House hopeful explained his understanding of how being white […]

Original Post by News Republic Jan. 21–FORT WORTH — The Tarrant County Young Republicans apologized after a member made a hand gesture associated with white supremacy in a photo at the Martin Luther King Jr. Day parade in Fort Worth. The Tarrant County Republican Party, which originally posted the photo, removed it from their Facebook […]

Original Post by CNN A photo of President Donald Trump’s oldest son smiling while holding a semi-automatic rifle bearing medieval symbols and a cartoon of Hillary Clinton behind bars drew swift attention over the weekend, with hate group researchers pointing out that the medieval symbols have been embraced by extremist groups.Donald Trump Jr. posted the photo […]

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