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Dealing With Holidays At Work: Forced Cheer and Awkward Parties Life Kit November 19, 201912:06 AM ET JULIA FURLAN

There’s festive tissue paper taped to the walls and some kind of paper cutout dangling below the fluorescent lights: It can only mean that the holidays have arrived at the workplace, and with them a flurry of invites, requirements and potentially awkward situations to manage. And let’s just start with one thing, right off the bat: Don’t get drunk at workplace parties! There, now you’re already starting in a good place.

We asked Life Kit listeners to send workplace holiday situations that elevate your heart rate and kickstart the anxiety. Then — because Love Actually has brainwashed us into believing that at the holidays you tell the truth — we called on the ultimate expert in navigating workplace situations: Alison Green of Ask a Manager. What follows are a few edited questions and Green’s sage advice. Make sure to listen to the full episode of NPR’s Life Kit to get the whole story.