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Choc Thunda

Growing up in Hollis ( Queens ), New York, there was always music all over the city. As years progressed we had many more radio stations to listen to daily. There was WWRL, WBLS, WLIB,WKTU, and WRKS (KISSFM) just to name a few. These stations have had a major influence on not just how to deliver great radio, but also the importance of information they otherwise may not have been heard had it not been for these very stations.

Although I attended San Diego City College studying Television Production, I have always been drawn to music, but had no idea that I would end up in radio. Some of my influences that I have listened to in New York radio were Ken Webb, Gary Byrd, and of course the legendary Frankie Crocker. So I am also committed to delivering the very same kind of radio that I grew up listening to. So I thank you for joining the Nuvisionradio Network family, enjoy the ride !

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