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Remembering Teena Marie Today on What Would Have Been Her 64th Birthday (Born 3/5/56)

Please join the Nuvision Radio Network in celebrating Teena Marie’s musical legacy and revisit audio & video highlights from her career below!

Born: March 5, 1956
Died: December 26, 2010

Biography: No white artist sang R&B more convincingly than Teena Marie, whose big, robust vocals were so black-sounding that when she was starting out, some listeners wondered if she was a light-skinned African-American. Marie grew up in west Los Angeles in a neighborhood that was nicknamed “Venice Harlem” because of its heavy black population. The singer/songwriter/producer was in her early twenties when, around 1977, she landed a job at Motown Records. It was at Motown that she met her mentor and paramour-to-be, Rick James, who ended up doing all of the writing and producing for her debut album of 1979, Wild and Peaceful. That LP, which boasted her hit duet with James, “I’m Just a Sucker for Your Love,” didn’t show Marie’s picture — so many programmers at black radio just assumed she was black.

When her second album, Lady T, came out, much of the R&B world was shocked to see how fair-skinned she was. But to many of the black R&B fans who were eating her music up, it really didn’t matter — the bottom line was she was a first-rate soul singer whose love of black culture ran deep. [Read Teena Marie’s full bio via AllMusic]

Discography (Studio Albums):

Wild and Peaceful (1979)
Lady T (1980)
Irons in the Fire (1980)
It Must Be Magic (1981)
Robbery (1983) | Read More
Starchild (1984)
Emerald City (1986)
Naked to the World (1988)
Ivory (1990)
Passion Play (1994)
La Doña (2004)
Sapphire (2006)
Congo Square (2009)
Beautiful (2013)