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Report: NFL will no longer provide list of personnel who’ll attend Colin Kaepernick workout

After initially indicating it would release a list of personnel executives who attend Colin Kaepernick‘s upcoming Saturday workout, the NFL has now reversed course and will not do so, according to Adam Schefter of

Additionally, a number of teams have contact Kaepernick’s to preemptively apologize for not being in attendance this weekend, noting they were confused by the timing of the workout.

NFL executives weren’t the only ones caught off guard by the planned audition — Kaepernick himself didn’t even know about the workout until the league informed him of it, as Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk writes. The NFL hasn’t given any indication as to why it’s holding a tryout for Kaepernick at this time, but the league wouldn’t budge on a date, time or what will happen at the workout.

The workout may be in response to teams contacting the league with interest in Kaepernick, as Steve Wyche of reports. Most of said clubs are actually eyeing a Kaepernick signing for the 2020 campaign, per Wyche, not for the current season.

Most teams figure to send scouts or lower-level executives to see Kaepernick, not general managers or head coaches, according to Michael Silver of Most GMs and head coaches are occupied on Saturdays, so a workout on, say, a Tuesday may have made more sense.